Editorial March 2006

The future of the Society, its Journal and its Website remains under debate. It is a matter for serious concern that few contributions to the pages of SCPNET are received, whether from members, officers or readers who visit the site.

This month I am pleased to draw attention to Dr Ludwig Lowenstein's Point of View about his experience, as an Expert Witness, of becoming a "victim" of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome).

It is pertinent for all of us who are involved in medico-legal matters to keep in mind the need for constant vigilance and to keep in the forefront of our minds the obligation to be neutral and impartial, and to resist every effort towards bias in favour of the clients of those who instruct us. Dr Lowenstein has also prepared a review for SCPNET of Dr Cathy Wield's autobiographical account of NHS psychiatric treatment Life after Darkness.

There have been misunderstandings within the Society about access to the pages of its website. I reaffirm their availability to serious contributors, subject to a generally permissive editorial policy and without formal peer review. All Points of View are sought and welcomed. I have posted extracts from recent Minutes of Executive Committee meetings, and look forward to feedback and responses in the coming months.

Please respond using our feedback form.